One Piece SCultures Series 2 Perona Figure Colosseum II Released!

One of the most unheralded One Piece action figure lines that’s beginning to grow both in quality and in popularity is the Banpresto One Piece SCultures Figure Colosseum series. While we’ve been waiting what seems like forever for the Banpresto Figure Colosseum II figures to be released, SCultures Princess Shirahoshi finally swam in last month, and this week Japan released the second entry in SCultures Series 2: Perona, the Ghost Princess!

One Piece SCultures Perona Box Vol. 2 Series III’ve talked enough smack about Perona on this blog over the course of the past year that it would be pretty transparently insincere for me to say that I’m excited about seeing yet another Perona One Piece action figure turn up in the Banpresto Figure Colosseum II series. That said, this Perona SCultures One Piece figure does have some good qualities to it, and is among the Perona figures that have been produced that I hate the least.

One Piece Colosseum Scultures Vol. 2 Perona Figure Bandai 2013

I really like that Banpresto decided to give this pre timeskip Perona a little bit of a unique flair by sticking her into a dynamic pose. The whimsical skipping-like pose that One Piece Colosseum Perona is in is perfect for the character, and a big improvement over the One Piece P.O.P. Perona figures and Figuarts Zero Perona figures that just stand there neutrally.

I also think that the outstretched arms on the Banpresto Perona SCultures figure’s Negative Hollow ghost look very cool, and I prefer this action pose to the usual “Negative Ghost just floating aimlessly” pose we usually see those in.

Bandai One Piece SCultures Colosseum Series 2 Perona Figure SideBoth the Negative Hollow figure and the pre-timeskip Perona figure are supported by a clear plastic pole. This is a much better permanent solution than having to try to balance Banpresto Colosseum II Perona on one foot, which I can imagine would be a total disaster.

One Piece Bearsy SCultures II Colosseum Wave 2 from Perona FigureThe other thing that I think is a big improvement on previous companies’ attempts at a Thriller Bark Perona figure is the inclusion of a little Kumashi (Bearsy) figure. Neither the One Piece Portrait of Pirates Perona nor the Figuarts Zero Perona Thriller Bark Ver. figure come with a Kumashi, so this is the first major pre-timeskip figure of the character to come with the zombie bear. Bearsy has a little bit of misapplied paint on his mouth, but that’s nothing compared to…

One Piece SCultures Series 2 Perona Figure Crown and Paint DefectsHoly paint defects, Batman! Whoever painted the crown Perona is wearing deserves to be fired from the Banpresto factory, ASAP! Considering how beautifully the One Piece SCultures Perona’s face and clothing came out, I’m stunned that the quality-control on her crown is so shoddy. Let’s hope that this particular figure that was photographed was an isolated incident, because the poorly-done paint on Perona’s crown really bothers me.

One Piece SCultures Vol. 2 Perona Figure Close-UpBanpresto SCultures One Piece figures do not have an international or North American distributor, but luckily, Perona and most other One Piece SCultures Colosseum figures can be easily picked up for $20-ish dollars shipped on ebay with a little bit of looking around.

What do you think, One Piece collectors? Will this One Piece Colosseum Vol. 2 Perona figure make a worthwhile addition to your collection, or have you had just about enough of the Horo Horo no Mi user in figure form?


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  1. Woo… another Perona. I would have preferred it if they could have done another Thriller Bark character, I’m sure if they made a Sogeking in just a neutral standing position it would sell well. Because there’s only been the p.o.p Sogeking before I believe. But I guess it’s all about the FFF’s (Female Fan Favorites).

  2. does she have the teddy bear pre-timeskip? i thought that was post. not a deal breaker but it will always be in the back of my mind

  3. Uh she has always had Bearsy, he was in Pre-Timeskip mostly trying to tell Perona about some strawhats that were hiding inside a costume if i remember correctly. Though Perona wouldn’t allow him to speak as she didn’t find him cute that way, this figure is Perona’s Pre-Timeskip outfit. Perona’s post Time-Skip outfit is a Black and light purple dress.

  4. your right but wasnt he a gigantic bear zombie, then after the timeskip she just carried a teddy bear version of him.