One Piece SCultures Series 3 Sengoku the Buddha Figure Preview!

Considering the sheer amount of wackiness and crazy things that occur in each and every arc of the One Piece manga and anime, it takes something well and truly nutty to make my jaw totally drop. Those moments are rare, but they do happen–and one of them was at the climax of the Marineford arc, in which Sengoku the Buddha showed how he got his nickname by transforming into a giant golden Buddha! Moments like that deserve to be immortalized in plastic forever, and this one will be when the Banpresto One Piece SCultures III Sengoku figure is released in 2014!

One Piece SCultures 3 Sengoku the Buddha Figure Close-UpAs shocked as I was to see Sengoku transform into a giant golden daibutsu statue in the One Piece anime, I was equally stunned to see Banpresto unveil a One Piece Sengoku figure as part of the Banpresto Figure Colosseum Vol. 3 SCultures collection!

One Piece SCultures Seires III Buddha Sengoku Gold Figure

While Sengoku is certainly an integral part of the OnePiece mythos, he rarely gets produced in major figure form. In fact, the first-ever MegaHouse Sengoku P.O.P. figure was just announced this fall for release in 2014!

So it’s definitely an unexpected and welcome treat to get a figure of Sengoku using his Hito Hito no Mi Daibutsu powers this soon after the announcement of the Portrait of Pirates Sengoku figure!

Gold Buddha Sengoku One Piece SCultures III FigureAs wonderful as the sculpting on this figure is, the paint deco absolutely steals the show! The shiny metallic gold paint that Banpresto used is drop-dead gorgeous! I’d hesitate to call an action figure of an overweight, bare-chested man with an afro “beautiful”, but this figure is a total stunner. Grand work, Banpresto!

Sengoku Buddha SCultures One Piece Banpresto Colosseum III FigureAt this time it’s unknown what the size of the SCultures Vol. 3 Sengoku the Buddha figure is going to be (in fact, I’m not sure that Banpresto has even decided on that detail themselves yet!). Since Buddha Sengoku is among the most monstrously large characters in the OnePiece manga and anime, hopefully Banpresto ends up making this awesome-looking Sengoku figure a decent size and not some dinky little guy.

One Piece Sengoku SCultures Series 3 Figure BanprestoWhen I first saw the prototype of this figure I wasn’t sure if Banpresto would be able to make a high-quality paint job to really capture the splendor of Buddha Sengoku, but I think they far exceeded themselves with the amazing metallic gold paint selection that they ultimately made!

Banpresto Colosseum Sengoku SCultures Figure BackThe One Piece Figure Colosseum SCultures Series 3 Sengoku the Buddha figure is expected to be released at some point mid-2014. I’ll post an update when more of the specific details regarding the figure’s size and its release date are available. And you can ‘Like’ One Piece Z on Facebook to have future One Piece figure news, photos and updates sent straight to your Facebook Newsfeed!

Buddha Sengoku is certainly the most golden OnePiece figure ever, that’s for sure! What do you think of the Golden One, One Piece collectors?


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