One Piece Variable Action Heroes Chopper Up for Order!

Though 2015 was basically a year of doom and gloom One Piece figures collectors, there was one thing this year that I absolutely loved: the advent of the super-articulated MegaHouse One Piece Variable Action Heroes figures line. And thankfully, the line will be continuing into 2016: the One Piece Variable Action Heroes Chopper goes up for order today, and it just may be the best Tony Tony Chopper toy ever made!

Tony Tony Chopper Variable Action Heroes Poster

My heart cried a little bit when I realized that the articulated One Piece VAH figures line was going to be produced by MegaHouse and not Bandai. But to my surprise, I’ve outright loved all four figures released this far in the line, and am anxiously awaiting further expansion next year!

And while an amazing-looking Nami will be the Mugiwara kicking off the MegaHouse 2016 Variable Action Heroes, she’ll be followed up in the spring by beloved doctor Tony Tony Chopper!

One Piece Variable Action Heroes Figures LineupWhen word broke that a Chopper Variable Action Heroes figure was on the way, it was a real head-scratched. “Tony Tony Chopper” and “Super-Articulated” just don’t sound like words that go together.

But to my surprise, not only does this Chopper figure look good–it looks incredible! This VAH Chopper figure looks better than the One Piece POP Sailing Again Chopper, as nuts as that sounds.

MegaHouse Chopper VAH Figure with Sparkly EyesThe way MegaHouse accomplished such a feat is by giving us everything we need for the ultimate Chopper figurine: alternate faces, alternate arms, and cleverly-hidden articulation.

The One Piece Variable Action Heroes Chopper action figure features articulation at the head, shoulders, wrists, tummy, hips and feet. The waist and neck articulation are so well-hidden I didn’t even notice it until I really zoomed in on the photos!

One Piece 2016 MegaHouse Variable Action Heroes ChopperOf course, just being able to move around and pose it doesn’t make this the best Chopper ever: all of the extra interchangeable pieces do!

One Piece Variable Action Heroes Chopper without Hat FigureDo you prefer your Chopper without hat? It’s removable!

Embarassed Tony Tony Chopper MegaHouse VAH One Piece FigureWant to pose Chopper in his “secretly-on-cloud-nine-about-being-complimented” pose? Interchangeable wavy arms and closed eye face expression pieces are packed-in!

In total, this MegaHouse Chopper figure includes five faceplates: happy (standard), eyes closed happy, fierce/determined, extra cute eyes and “Kyupin” (sparkly-eyed).

Chopper Variable Action Heroes Figure Backpack

This basically covers the full spectrum of facial expressions most One Piece collector would want. Nice work, MegaHouse!

The price on this little beauty is just 5,184 Japanese yen (about $42.70 USD). That’s aboutthe proce we pay here for Nendoroids, and I think this Chopper is way better than your typical Nendoroid, so I’ve got no qualms about paying that price. Also, as this figure will only be about 3cm smaller than the POP Sailing Again Chopper, it can stand-in for or even replace your MegaHouse P.O.P Chopper in your displays!

Variable Action Heroes Chopper Figure with Cute FaceThe One Piece Tony Tony Chopper Variable Action Heroes figure will be available for order later today, and is expected to be released in spring 2016. I’ve already placed my order for this gem of a figure myself, and encourage other interested collectors to do the same: if sales aren’t strong, MegaHouse will likely discontinue this range of OP figures, and that would be a real shame.

What do you think of the latest MegaHouse V.A.H. figure, One Piece fans? Do you agree that this is the best Chopper PVC figure ever made, or do you prefer a different version of the the Mugiwaras’ resident reindeer?

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