One Piece Variable Action Heroes Dracule Mihawk Up for Order!

At this point, I’m far, far more interested in the One Piece Variable Action Heroes figures line that anything else that MegaHouse is putting out. Nami pulling off her top and gender-swapped Law…? No thank you. But the One Piece VAH line is consistently a joy, and next spring, we’ll be getting our first “villain” in the line: the super-articulated Variable Action Heroes Hawkeye Mihawk is now up for order!

Variable Action Heroes Hawkeye Mihawk Figure Poster

Well, this is an unexpected turn. With the first six releases from the MegaHouse Variable Action Heroes line being all Mugiwaras, Law and Luffy’s brothers, I would have expected the next entry in the line to be Sanji or Nico Robin. But not so!

As it turns out the next two Variable Action Heroes One Piece figures released will be the first two Shichibukai (Seven Warlords) in the line: Dracule Mihawk (Hawkeye) and Boa Hancock!

Mihawk Variable Action Heroes Figure Sitting Cross-LeggedMegaHouse has yet to publicly show off Boa Hancock, but they finally did reveal Variable Action Heroes Mihawk at the end of November. And while Hawkeye’s rival/mentor wouldn’t be my first choice for a new release, he is pretty slick!

One Piece MegaHouse Mihawk Variable Action Heroes FigureVariable Action Heroes Dracule Mihawk (of course) comes with the strongest sword in the One Piece anime and manga world, the black sword Yoru. Yoru can either be wielded in Mihawk’s hands or mounted on his back.

Hawkeye Mihawk Variable Action Heroes One Piece Action FigureMihawk also has a removable hat (something I can’t recall seeing on Hawkeye figures very often), as well as an alternate face plate where Mihawk is looking sidewise ponderingly.

MegaHouse Mihawk Variable Action Heroes Dagger Cross PendantAnd perhaps coolest of all, this MegaHouse Mihawk action figure also comes with a little Koganata cross-shaped dagger pendant that Hawkeye can wield against unworthy foes! Awesome!!

One Piece Variable Action Heroes Mihawk vs. Zoro

He’s also articulated enough that he can take on a dynamic fighting pose or just cross his legs and sit back casually.

At 8,500 Japanese yen, this is obviously not a cheap¬†interpretation of Hawkeye Mihawk, but I’ve been overall very pleased with the size and level of articulation of the One Piece VAH toy line.

For me, Hawkeye was an instant pre-order, no questions asked. Soon, my V.A.H. Roronoa Zoro will have a worthy adversary to pose off against!

One Piece VAH Mihawk Hawkeye Wielding Black Blade Yoru SwordThe Dracule Mihawk Variable Action Heroes figure is now up for order, and is scheduled to be released in April 2016. Hawkeye figures tend to be some of the fastest-selling One Piece toys, so hopefully this Mihawk is another sales smash hit for MegaHouse like Trafalgar Law was. I would love to see the releases of Mihawk and Boa Hancock lead to the eventual release of all of the other Shichibukai!

What do you think of this super-articulated Hawkeye Mihawk action figure, One Piece collectors? Will this be joining your collection in 2016, or are you satisfied with the previously-released unarticulated Hawkeye statues?

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