One Piece WCF GIGA Franky Shogun Released & Photos!

While there haven’t been a whole lot of incredible One Piece figures released this spring, a major release has just arrived from an unlikely place: Banpresto! While the Banpresto One Piece WCF (World Collectable Figure) line has fizzled a bit in popularity and release frequency in the past year or two, Banpresto has put together (pun intended–you’ll get it in a second) one of the most amazing WCF One Piece figures ever: the enormous One Piece WCF GIGA Franky Shogun figure! In fact, this General Franky figure is so big, you’ve gotta buy him in three separate boxes…

One Piece World Collectable Figure GIGA Franky Shogun Arm Size ComparisonLast year, Banpresto released the One Piece WCF MEGA Franky Shogun figure. At the time, that was the largest World Collectable Figure that Banpresto had ever released. Times have changed.

One Piece WCF GIGA Franky Shogun Figure Released

This year, Banpresto is releasing the One Piece WCF GG01 General Franky Shogun GIGA figure–a figure so massive that you have to buy not one, not two, but three separate boxes to get all the pieces to build this Banpresto Franky Shogun figure!

As these individual chunks of the One Piece Franky Shogun GIGA Banpresto figure need to be won in Japanese game centers and can’t be purchased directly from Banpresto in Japan, it’s a real pain to get all the pieces of Franky to assemble without purchasing him on the aftermarket.

One Piece GIGA General Franky Shogun Pieces BoxesAt 28 cm tall, the GIGA Shogun Franky robot figure will stand around 11″ tall–towering over all other One Piece WCF figures, and even larger than most MegaHouse One Piece POP figures!

Banpresto One Piece GIGA General Franky Head Size ComparisonYup–GIGA Franky’s robot head alone is twice the size of a regular One Piece WCF figure. Yikes!

One Piece WCF Franky Figure in WCF GIGA Franky ShogunYes, Banpresto has made the torso for the GIGA General Franky Shogun mech figure so big that the chunky WCF Franky figure can actually fit inside the torso comfortably! SUPERRRRR!!!!

One Piece Banpresto WCF GIGA Franky Shogun BookendsAnd just in case you still had any doubts about the size of this mamomoth Banpresto GIGA Franky Shogun figure? Just the arms are large enough to serve as super book-ends for your One Piece manga collection!

Banpresto One Piece WCF General Franky Shogun GIGA Figure Torso Size ComparisonYou can get all three pieces of the One Piece WCF GIGA Franky Shogun for about $80 shipped online right now. Considering that this is going to be a rare figure once it’s out of production and the huge size of the boxes that the pieces for the GIGA Franky Shogun WCF come in, I think that’s a more than fair price.

Are you interested in adding the indisputable king of all One Piece WCF figures to your collection, One Piece fans? Or is Banpresto’s One Piece World Collectable Figure GIGA Franky Shogun just not for you?


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  1. I’m not going to lie this is something that I really freaking want. I’ve been thinking about actually sculpting and building my own to make one the size comparable to the Figuarts size figures.

    But this may be the one I get and for that price that pretty fair.