One Piece WCF Hana Series Released & Photos! Sadi Vivi Rouge

What’s this…? Could it be…?! Yes, the One Piece collecting gods have smiled down upon us, as some new One Piece figures have actually been released this week! I know that the One Piece World Collectable Figure Series by Banpresto isn’t for everyone, but this One Piece WCF Hana series gives us some characters that have never been done before in figure form, including a Female Ivankov figure and even Portgas. D Rouge…

Banpresto One Piece WCF Hana Figures Series Vivi Rouge Ivankov PeronaI’m not a big fan of the fact that Banpresto has seemingly decided to start releasing six figure “theme” waves of One Piece WCF character in 2014 instead of the traditional method of releasing eight figures from a story arc at a time, as I feel like we’re now missing out on tons of cool characters from the Punk Hazard, Fishman Island and Dressrosa arcs of the One Piece anime and manga.

That said, we could do a lot worse than getting series like the One Piece WCF Hana volume, which gives us some little-seen favorites like Vivi and a couple of characters never before done for a major One Piece toy line!

One Piece WCF Hana Rouge Portgas D. Rogue Figure

First up, let’s talk about the figures that are all-new to major One Piece figure collections. Portgas D. Rogue is one of those characters that I frankly never expected to turn up in action figure form, so I’m ecstatic to see her joining the incredibly expansive line of Banpresto World Collectable Figures!

For those who don’t quite remember Rogue, she’s the lover of Gol D. Roger and the mother of everyone’s favorite, Portgas D. Ace! The One Piece Rouge WCF figure sure does look a little bit diabolical, though…

Banpresto 2014 One Piece WCF Hana Ivankov Female Form FigureThe other figure that’s new to the line is a female version of Queen Ivankov! While female Ivankov is the kind of character that I promise would never get released by an American company, Banpresto thanfully doesn’t have the prudish sensibilities of us Americans! The clear cape on the WCF Ivankov female figure looks terrific.

One Piece WCF Hana Series Sadi Chan FigureNext up it’s the sadistic dominatrix/jailer of Impel Down, Sadi-chan! Sadi is one of those characters that I categorize as “useless” but fandom seems to adore anyway. The new Banpresto Sadi WCF figure looks fine and all, but this is just not a character that I’m into.

One Piece WCF Hana Perona Figure Thriller Bark ClothesAnd while we’re on the subject of useless characters… here’s Perona! We’ve had a One Piece Perona WCF figure released before in her Thriller Bark clothes, but that figure is rare and extremely expensive now. As much as I hate Perona, the market has definitely been crying out for  new One Piece World Collectable Figure Perona in her pre-timeskip clothes, and this one is admittedly pretty cute.

One Piece Princess Shirahoshi WCF Hana Figure Making Pinkie PromisePrincess Shirahoshi makes another return to the One Piece WCF world as part of the One Piece WCF Hana series as well! Shirahoshi-hime is yet another female One Piece character I don’t like (man, I sound like a real scrooge today), but this “pinky-promise” Shirahoshi WCF figure is adorable. One Piece WCF Hana Princess Vivi Neferteri Figure Banpresto 2014Finally, it’s one of my absolute favorite women of One Piece: Princess Vivi! I’m always happy to see more Princess Vivi Neferteri merch, and this is probably my favorite figure of the whole Banpresto Hana WCF series. Oh Vivi, why couldn’t you shirk your responsibilities to your people and sail away with the Straw Hat crew…?

One Piece World Collectable Figure Hana Vol FiguresThe One Piece WCF Hina Vol. of figures has just been released overseas this week. The figures should start to turn up for sale via online stores and the secondary market within the next week or so, and I’ll update with order links once that happens.

One Piece collectors: How do you like the Banpresto WCF Hina series? Will you be looking to add any (or all!) of these One Piece PVC figurines to your collection, or are you saving up for bigger and (arguably) better things?


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