One Piece WCF History of Ace Figures Set Details & Photos!

There aren’t many characters in the anime world that are popular enough to support their own entire lineup of Banpresto World Collectable Figures. In fact, it’s only happened once before ever–in One Piece Film Z WCF Vol. 2, which was composed solely of versions of Tony Tony Chopper. But there’s another character who’s challenging for the top spot in the One Piece popularity contest, and he’s getting his own WCF set in 2014! Coming next month–the One Piece WCF History of Ace set!

One Piece WCF History of Ace Volume Figures Set of 6 Portgas D. Ace January 2014 The enduring popularity of Portgas D. Ace (otherwise known as “Fire Fist Ace”) never ceases to amaze me. Despite spending the last several years of the One Piece manga and anime, well… Dead… Ace is still as popular as he’s ever been (if not more!). So the celebrate the late Portgas D. Ace’s birthday next month, Banpresto is releasing an entire One Piece WCF History of Ace set of Portgas D. Ace figures!

One Piece WCF History of Ace Set Child Ace Crying Over Sabo's Death Figure

We’ll start with the youngest iteration of Ace in the set–child Ace, crying in mourning for the death of poor Sabo. This is an unexpected moment in Ace’s life to capture in toy form, but definitely a welcome addition to the lineup (at least, I think it is).

This might surprise some folks, but this is definitely my favorite of the History of Ace six figures set. I loved Sabo the most of the young trio, so I can totally understand Ace’s feelings!

History of Ace One Piece WCF Fire-Fist Ace Figure Using PowersThe three figures in the middle of the set are just various versions of teenage/adult Ace. The one waving to his brother Luffy is sort of cute, and I like the one that looks like a chibi version of the One Piece Figuarts Zero Portgas D. Ace Battle Ver. Figure as well.

One Piece World Collectable Figure History of Ace Portgas D. Ace Figure Making FistI do wish Banpresto had tried to make these at least a little bit more varied, though. Perhaps the (non-canon) Alabasta Ace attire from the anime? I loved that look, but it seems Banpresto wasn’t interested…

One Piece History of Ace World Collectable Figures Spade Pirates Ship WCF 2014The last two figures in the One Piece History of Ace WCF set aren’t figures of Ace himself at all, but rather important items related to Portgas Ace. The first is the Spade Pirates ship, the ship that Ace and his crew sailed the first half of the Grand Line with before being integrated into the Whitebeard Pirates. I’m not into the WCF ships personally, but this is definitely a neat item for Ace fans that I doubt will ever see a release in any other form.

Banpresto 2014 WCF One Piece Portgas D. Ace's Grave and Tombstone FigureIn what I believe is a first for One Piece figures (and perhaps a first in the history of anime/manga figures), the final figure in the set is the Portgas D Ace’s grave. No, seriously–it’s Ace’s tombstone, hat, and various other ornaments decorating Ace’s gravesite. I honestly thought this was a gag when I heard about it, but it’s real. Crazy!

One Piece History of Ace WCF Portgas D. Ace Waving to Luffy Leaving on his JourneyThe One Piece History of Ace WCF Figures set will be released in January 2014 in Asia. These figures won’t be released in the United States and other countries, so you’ll have to import them from online sellers if you want them. I’ll add links to order the History of Ace World Collectable Figures Volume once the set is released.

Are you salivating at the chance to purchase a whole set of Fire Fist Ace One Piece WCF figures, One Piece collectors, or is this set too focused for your tastes?

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