One Piece WCF Series 30 Released! CP9, Tom, Nico Olvia & Saul!

It’s been over five months–virtually an eternity–since Banpresto released a new set of the One Piece WCF main line, but the agony is over. One Piece WCF Series 30 was released in Japan just this week, and it’s one of the most eclectic One Piece figure lineups ever by Banpresto. Containing characters only loosely connected from three different eras and no Straw Hat Pirates whatsoever, One Piece WCF 30 gives us never-before-made figures, villains, flashback characters, and even the King of the Pirates’ ship…

One Piece WCF Series 30 Figures Set BanprestoBanpresto One Piece WCF Series 30 is one crazy set that’s based upon flashbacks from the Water 7/Enies Lobby arcs of the One Piece anime/manga. It’s unusual to get a set with absolutely no presence from any of the Mugiwaras, but that’s left room open for a whole bunch of obscure and interesting characters in this set.

Jabra and Rob Lucci in Wolf and Leopard Forms One Piece WCF 30

Rob Lucci and Jabra of the CP9 aren’t even in my top 50 favorite One Piece characters, but I must admit that they look wicked captured as figures in their leopard and wolf forms. I was initially going to just order individual figures from this set, but seeing how good these turned out, I’m going to order the entire set.

One Piece World Collectable Figure Kaku Giraffe WCF Series 30Giraffe Kaku is one of my One Piece guilty pleasures. I know that he looks so, so ridiculous, but this form of Kaku has a really charming appeal to it. This is easily my favorite figure from this entire One Piece World Collectible Figure series 30.

Banpresto One Piece 2013 WCF 30 Nico Olvia and Saul FiguresFrom the flashback story to Nico Robin’s past, we have figures of her mother, Nico Olvia, and the Marines’ giant deserter, Saul! The Nico Olvia WCF isn’t nearly as terrific as the Grandline Lady Nico Olvia figure that I reviewed a couple months ago, but it’s nice to see Saul finally immortalized in plastic goodness.

Spandine One Piece WCF Series 30 Figure Banpresto 2013If Banpresto made one wrong move with the One Piece WCF 30 figures, it was in making the CP9 Director Spandine WCF figure a common figure. I really–really–don’t think that a ton of collectors are going to want Spandine, but maybe Banpresto knows something that I don’t.

One Piece WCF 30 Tom of Tom's Workers from Water 7 FigureFinally, we have Franky’s mentor–the world’s most famous shipwright, Tom of Tom’s Workers! Tom is another character who’s never been released as a One Piece figure in any form, and I think it’s pretty cool that the Oro Jackson–the ship Tom built for the King of the Pirates, Gol D. Roger–is represented in the same series as Tom! Usually I’m not a fan of the ships in the One Piece World Collectable Figure series, but I’ll make an exception for the legendary Oro Jackson!

One Piece WCF 30 Oro Jackson Gol D Roger's ShipLike all Banpresto WCF series, One Piece WCF Series 30 is highly limited and not expected to be sold through any major American retailers. Singles and sets of Banpresto WCF 30 have started to turn up for sale online now, and your best bet if you want a set would probably be to place an order while these are still common (and cheap).

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