One Piece WCF ZOO Vol. 3 Released! Alabasta Animals!

Tired of all the endless versions of One Piece main characters being released in figure form? Ready for some truly wacky and crazy, obscure One Piece figures? Well, get ready, because Banpresto has just the thing for you: One Piece World Collectable Figures ZOO Volume 3! Featuring a variety of adorable (and less than adorable) One Piece animals from the manga and anime that have never been released before as toys, Banpresto One Piece WCF ZOO Vol. 3 has now been released!

One Piece WCF Zoo Vol. 3 Figures Alabasta Animals

One Piece ZOO WCF. Vol 2 released earlier this year, comprised of the Super Sonic Duck Squad, and that ended up being my favorite set of WCF Figures of all-time. For One Piece WCF Zoo Vol. 3, it’s time to head back to Alabasta again for another assortment composed almost entirely of animals from the Alabasta arc of the One Piece anime and manga!

The eight figures that make up One Piece ZOO WCF Vol. 3 are: Tony Tony Chopper (Alabasta Clothes), Pappug, Banchi, The Unluckies, Scissors, Blue-Finned Elephant Tuna, The Erimaki Runners (Lizard Runners), and Bananawani (Banana Gators).

One Piece WCF Alabasta Chopper Figure ZOO Series 3The headliner of One Piece ZOO WCF Series 3 is, as usual, a WCF Tony Tony Chopper figure. But this Chopper WCF figure is particularly cute and compelling, as Chopper is dressed appropriately in his Alabasta Desert Clothes! I can’t remember ever seeing a figure of Alabasta Chopper before at all, and this one is especially adorable with the little sweat drops running down his face. Absolute must-have!

One Piece WCF Zoo Vol. 3 The Unluckies Baroque Works FigureThe remaining characters aren’t nearly as prominent as Chopper is, but some of them are equally irresistible. I love that we’re finally getting the Unluckies from Baroque Works as a WCF, and having a Banchi figure to place beside the Alabasta Nico Robin WCF figure is going to be a real treat.

One Piece WCF Bananawani Banana Gators Figure Zoo Vol 3I feel very tempted to army-build a few Banana Gators WCF Figures to surround my WCF Straw Hats with!

One Piece WCF Zoo Vol 3 Pappug FigureBy far the most baffling inclusion in this set is Pappug, the legendary Starfish creator of the Crimin line of clothes! Pappug doesn’t appear for hundreds of anime episodes and manga chapters after the Alabasta arc, so I have no clue what Banpresto’s rationale was for including Pappug here. I mean, a sea creature that can’t live without water mixed in with the animals from the desert kingdom of Alabasta where not a drop of rain has fallen in years?! Weird. Just… weird.

One Piece ZOO WCF Volume 3 Figures Alabasta Baroque Works Animals

The Alabasta Animals/Baroque Works Animals assortment of One Piece World Collectable Figures has just been released in Japan. One Piece WCF Zoo Vol. 3 is now available from Plamoya for about $70 plus shipping as a complete set of eight figures. There are no American stores that distribute the Banpresto One Piece WCF figures, so if you want these, you’ll have to import them as a set.

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