One Piece Z Figuarts Zero Luffy Franky & Chopper Figures Released!

I’ve been waiting for today almost since the very first day that I launched this website–the first trio of One Piece Z Figuarts Zero figures of the Straw Hats Battle Clothes was released in Japan today! This is pretty exciting stuff because this is only the second time Bandai will have produced the Straw Hat Pirates in matching clothes, and only the second-ever figures of Nico Robin, Franky and Brook from Bandai! Bandai is starting the line off HUGE with its biggest cash cows in One Piece Z Luffy and Chopper, as well as the most physically huge character in the nine-figure series: One Piece Z Franky!

One Piece Z Figuarts Zero Franky Chopper Luffy Figures BandaiBandai made a smart move with this first grouping of One Piece Film Z Figuarts Zero figures, as they managed to get both the most and least popular members of the crew in one group (Luffy and Franky), as well as the largest and smallest members of the Mugiwaras (Franky and Chopper). The scale isn’t perfect on this set, but Franky is at least larger than Luffy this time out.

Bandai One Piece Z Figuarts Zero Luffy Figure with Meat Film Z

All of the figures come in stunning red and black boxes, the same colors as the Straw Hats’ battle costumes in the One Piece Film Z anime movie. It really is a nice change from the usual Figuarts Zero One Piece boxes, and makes these limited-edition Figuarts Zero One Piece Z figures stand out on the shelf.

Close-Up of One Piece Film Z Figuarts Zero Monkey D. Luffy FigureThe pose and design for the One Piece Film Z Figuarts Zero Monkey D. Luffy figure is fantastic. I feel like Bandai has captured Luffy’s personality and vibrancy better with this facial sculpt than any other toy company, and the humongous piece of meat strapped to Luffy’s back is hilarious. It’s worth noting that MegaHouse chose to go with the final battle clothes for their upcoming Luffy Edition-Z POP figure, so there will most likely never be a larger or better figure version of Monkey D. Luffy in these clothes.

Figuarts Zero One Piece Z Chopper Figure with Box Film ZNext up it’s everyone’s favorite One Piece cash cow–Tony Tony Chopper! The One Piece Z Figuarts Zero Chopper Combat Clothes Chopper figure is, unfortunately, a real train wreck. I don’t know how this figure could have ever gotten through the Quality-Control department, but it’s a real mess. The Franky and Luffy One Piece Z Figuarts Zero figures both look gorgeous, so I have no clue what happened to this poor Chopper.

Close-Up of One Piece Z Tony Tony Chopper Figuarts Zero Figure BandaiI have so many Chopper figures already that I didn’t pre-order this Figuarts Zero Film Z Chopper, and I am really grateful that I didn’t. The paintwork and quality control on this particular Chopper are just abysmal. I’m glad I ordered the P.O.P. Chopper Edition-Z figure by MegaHouse instead.

Bandai Figuarts Zero One Piece Z Franky Figure Film Z with BoxFinally, we come to what I consider the best figure in this trio–One Piece Film Z Franky. Unlike the awesome New World Franky Figuarts Zero figure I reviewed last week, this One Piece Z Combat Outfit Figuarts Zero Franky is standing full upright, tall and proud. He has removable glasses and looks awesome in his One Piece Z colors. The cannons on Franky’s shoulders and his orange mechanical hands are just stunning–I am hopelessly in love with this Franky, and can’t wait for mine to come in the mail in a few weeks.

One Piece Z Figuarts Zero Franky Figure without Glasses Bandai Film ZThe Figuarts Zero One Piece Z Luffy, Franky, and Chopper figures were all limited Bandai Japan Web Shop Exclusives. Only enough figures were made to meet pre-order numbers, and these figures were not and will not be offered to other countires by Bandai Tamashii Nations. American retailer BigBadToyStore secured some stock of these and they still have some left available for pre-order, but expect those to sell out soon. I cannot stress enough that if you’re interested in these figures, you should order them as soon as you can. These are beyond a doubt going to be some of the rarest and most expensive Bandai Figuarts Zero One Piece figures ever produced in a very short amount of time. Think Figuarts Zero Whitebeard rare, but for far more popular characters.


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  1. I have the Luffy’s figure, and I just love it !! I am just so happy I preordered it, as today it is way more expensive !!!!

        • cool thanks, is just that most pic Ive seen dont have the sticker, was wondering if most of the figures on the market were boorlegs, im buying mine from big bad toys, seems legit =D

  2. Is this a limited edition figure? Im thinking about buying luffy, but for the price I can buy to other figures, I would just buy it if it was a limited edition, if it is, How many were produced, or whats does it mean to be limited? Im new collecting figures =D