One Piece Z Grandline Lady Nami & Ain Figures Released!

While Banpresto One Piece collectors got their first hit of Grandline Men Film Z figures a few months ago, and even One Piece Grandline Children Film Z fans got a pair shortly thereafter, fans of the One Piece Grandline Lady collection have been left out in the cold for One Piece Z figures–until now! Just this past week, Banpresto released One Piece Grandline Lady Film Z Vol. 1 Ain and Nami in Japan… but they’re not without fault, unfortunately…

Up until now I’d been really pleased with Banpresto’s Grandline Series One Piece Z figures. The duel clothes Grandline Men Luffy figure looked phenomenal, and (though I hate him inherently) even the “Red Beard” Usopp looked pretty swank. Furthermore, the Grandline Children Film Z Nami is one of my favorite figures of the entire year so far, and executed to sheer perfection. So I was pretty psyched for this first pair of Grandline Lady Film Z Vol. 1 figures. Unfortunately, they let me down.

Grandline Lady Ain Figure Film Z Vol. 1 Close-Up Banpresto 2013

The paint applications on Ain are atrocious. There’s paint bleed in spots all over her, and lots of poorly-applied lines. The big splotch of dark paint on Ain’s right arm is especially jarring. I was looking forward to getting this Ain in her Marines outfit figure (as the Figuarts Zero One Piece version was an expensive online exclusive), but I’m a little hesitant now having seen photos of this really messed-up production figure.

Banpresto 2013 One Piece Grandline Lady Film Z Vol. 1 Nami FigureThe Grandline Lady Film Z Nami figure fares a little bit better, though she’s still not nearly as vibrant and well done as the Grandline Children Film Z Nami. Nami also has little smudges and paint dots on her face, which are pretty glaring flaws. Ordinarily I’m very happy with Banpresto’s One Piece figures, but the work on Grandline Lady Z Vol. 1 definitely falls short.

Nami One Piece Z Grandline Lady Figure Banpresto 2013 Close-UpNot many American stores carry the Banpresto One Piece Grandline Series, so online retailers are likely to be your best source for these figures. If you’re looking to order the One Piece Grandline Lady Film Z Vol. 1 Nami and/or Ain figures, they’re all available for import now.

What do you think, One Piece collectors? Are you still going to take a chance on these Grandline Lady Film Z figures, or has seeing photos of potential quality-control issues scared you away?


One Piece Z Grandline Lady Nami & Ain Figures Released! — 2 Comments

  1. I have this nami but the styling version and it’s kind of sad that her paint application is better then the grandline version…. I paid like 8 bucks for the styling version and she looks so much better then the grandline one. yes granted the grandline is probably taller but a taller figure doesnt mean better quality

  2. Hello, any news/release dates for GLM Film Z Brook & Franky, and GLZ Film Z Robin?
    Everyone is frustrated because we cannot complete the Film Z Set, I saw some of the collectors selling their Banpresto DXF Filme Z.