One Piece Film Z POP Chopper Edition Z MegaHouse Figure Released!

While Banpresto got their One Piece Z movie merchandise out beginning last December, tt’s been quite a long six-month wait for One Piece Film Z fans to get the very first One Piece Z Portrait of Pirates figure! Though we first saw Chopper more than half a year ago, he got delayed twice from his April 2013 release date before finally hitting stores overseas this week! And just in case you’re not a fan of the pirate hat that the Tony Tony Chopper POP Edition-Z figure comes wearing, he’s got two alternate hats that can take its place…

One Piece Z POP Tony Tony Chopper Edition Z Box

That’s quite a big box for such a little Chopper figure! If POP Edition-Z Chopper looks smaller and younger than usual, that’s because this figure represents the de-aged child Chopper from One Piece Film Z. It really is a good-looking box, isn’t it?

One Piece Portrait of Pirates Chopper Edition Z Figure Box Back

The back of the box spotlights three different looks that can be achieved for the MegaHouse Tony Tony Chopper figure contained within. It’s too bad you have to buy this figure three times if you want to display all three versions of Portrait of Pirates One Piece Z Chopper at the same time!

One Piece Z Chopper Figure P.O.P. Wearing Pirate Hat 2013 Film Z MegaHouseAs we see on most of the Tony Tony Chopper One Piece Z figures, this Chopper is decked out in his “final battle” clothes with full pirate captain hat, sword, coat, and rifle. But that’s not all! Besides his classic full-blown pirate hat, Chopper also includes a sword, figure stand display base, dew rag bandana, and classic pink top hat.

One Piece Z Tony Tony Chopper POP MegaHouse Figure AccessoriesThe Chopper pink hat is a bit of a surprise, as I initially thought that this accessory was only going to be released with last year’s MegaHouse POP-DX Limited pre-timeskip Tony Tony Chopper figure. Nice to see the pink hat Chopper got from Dr. Hiluluk appear in Portrait of Pirates form here without having to buy that ultra-expensive (but awesome) exclusive Chopper figure.

One Piece POP 2013 Chopper Film Z Figure with Dewrag HatI love this Chopper figure wearing his dew rag bandana on his head! The full pirate hat looks a little over the top to me, but the bandana look totally suits Chopper! And yes, you can stack all three of POP Edition-Z Chopper’s hats on top of his head at once. And yes, it is downright adorable.

One Piece Film Z Portrait of Pirates Chopper Figure Wearing 3 HatsIf you’re looking to order your own One Piece Film Z Chopper POP figure, there are plenty now up for sale. My MegaHouse P.O.P. Tony Tony Chopper Edition-Z figure is on its way from Japan now, and I hope to have a full review and photo gallery of the Portrait of Pirates One Piece Z Chopper figure by next week.


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  1. Definitely ordering this Chopper for my first Chopper figure, i love the outfit and the prices are not bad at all.