POP One Piece Portgas D. Ace 10th Anniversary Figure Pre-Order!

MegaHouse surprised us at the Spring 2014 MegaHobby Expo, when they unexpectedly debuted an all-new version of an old favorite: Portgas D. Ace! There’s a lot of pressure on MegaHouse to make the One Piece POP 10th Anniversary Portgas D. Ace figure the best version of Ace ever, and at the Summer 2014 Wonder Festival, we got to see that they were well on their way to making this piece a success! And now, the moment we’ve all been waiting for has arrived–the One Piece P.O.P Portgas D Ace 10th Anniversary figure is now up for order!

POP One Piece Portgas D Ace 15th Anniversary Figure MegaHouse LimitedLuffy’s late brother, Portgas D Ace, is one of the most popular characters in the One Piece manga and anime–if not all of manga and anime as a whole. So despite the fact that Ace is long gone at this point, it’s not a jaw dropper to see MegaHouse give Ace some of their attention as part of the 10th Anniversary One Piece POP Collection.

One Piece POP 10th Anniversary Portgas D Ace Limited Figure Painted

The unpainted sculpt for the Portrait of Pirates Ace 10th Anniversary figure shown at the MegaHobby Expo Spring 2014 definitely looked impressive, but I was anxious to see the figure painted. Great paint can save a mediocre sculpt, but awful paint can destroy an amazing one, so I was a little wary.

Luckily, the painted prototype for the One Piece P.O.P. Portgas D Ace 10th Anniversary figure shown at last weekend’s WonderFest Summer 2014 event looked incredible. The paint deco is dead-on, and the paint apps are highly detailed and impressive.

Fire Fist Ace One Piece Portrait of Pirates 15th Anniversary Limited FigureAce’s decorated backpack is a particularly nice touch, and I love that MegaHouse is giving us the option of displaying Ace with or without his hat (the hatless Ace was displayed at the 2014 Spring MegaHobby Expo). From the texture on his boots to the ruffles in his shorts, this One Piece POP Fire Fist Ace figure is unmatched for quality, in my opinion.

I’d love it if some fire effects pieces were packaged with the final figure, although I’m not entirely sure how appropriate those would be for Ace in this pose. Even so, I’d like some nonetheless, even if it’s just a little flame attachment for Ace’s arm or something.

One Piece P.O.P 15th Anniversary Fire Fist Ace FigureThe Limited Portgas D Ace POP figure is now available for pre-order, and is expected to be released in December 2014/January 2015. Based off the finished prototype, this One Piece POP Limited Ace figure is going to be one hot (no pun intended) Portrait of Pirates figure when it goes up for order.

Now that you’ve seen the Portgas D Ace POP 10th Anniversary figure all painted up, how are you liking MegaHouse’s progress, One Piece collectors? Are you planning to add this One Piece P.O.P Limited figure to your collection this winter?


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  1. Looks great

    I just discovered this place, it’s nice to see an in depth english site dedicated to OP figures

  2. Thanks for the site! Regarding the 10th an Ace tho. What’s with the pose?!? In which ego did he stand like that ( looks like some fag model to me) and with the torso he looks more like he’s taken steroids than Devils Fruit. Shame because the colors are great as is the face but the rest WTF! I’ll stck with my original version sorry ^_^