Roronoa Zoro Figuarts Zero 5th Anniversary Up for Order!

There’s no guarantee that they’ll be a 10th Anniversary of the Bandai Figuarts Zero One Piece figures line (or even a 6th Anniversary, with the way things are going), but Bandai Japan is trucking right along with their popular line of One Piece Figuarts Zero 5th Anniversary figures! And after last month’s much-anticipated Portgas D. Ace figure, this month’s figure brings us back to our favorite pirate crew with a redo of an early figure that simply wasn’t up to Bandai’s current standards: the Figuarts Zero 5th Anniversary Roronoa Zoro figure is now up for order!

Bandai One Piece Zoro Figuarts Zero 5th Anniversary Figure

As of today, Bandai has released over a half-dozen Roronoa Zoro Figuarts figures. But way back when, the very first FAZ Zoro figure was the New World Ver. Roronoa Zoro, depicting Zoro in his first post-timeskip costume. And while that figure was decent at the time, it simply is not up to snuff with the posing, paint and sculpting quality of today’s Bandai Tamashii Nations products.

And so, in honor of Figuarts Zero One Piece surviving for five whole years, Bandai is now gifting us this superior figure of timeskip Roronoa Zoro with excellent paint shading and sculpting details!

Bandai Figuarts Zero 5th Anniversary Zoro Figure Close-UpWhereas I thought that the original New World Roronoa Zoro figure had some of the weakest facial likeness sculpting and paint that I’d seen in the line, this 5th Anniversary Zoro figure’s likeness is far better all-around. While the original iteration of this figure was just standing around with his sword slung over his shoulder, this Zoro is poised for action and ready to draw his swords at a moment’s notice.

Roronoa Zoro Figuarts Zero 5th Anniversary Figure with Dodon Sound Effects PieceJust like every figure in the Fifth Anniversary series, this Roronoa Zoro 5th Anniversary figure will include a plastic “DODON!” sound effects piece. This is not a buying incentive for me, but for those out there who like this clever idea, it’s a decent selling point.

Back of Roronoa Zoro One Piece Figuarts Zero 5th Anniversary Figure

This 5th Anniversary Figuarts Zero Roronoa Zoro figure is retailing for 4,320 JPY overseas (the equivalent of about $35.40 USD). However, in the United States, this 125 mm (4.9″) Zoro figurine will be retailing for $39.99. That price seems a couple dollars high for this Zoro figure, seeing as how he includes no alternate body parts or alternate face plates, but it’s still cheaper than importing the figure from Japan, so I suppose I can’t complain too much.

Other than the 5th Anniversary Chopper figure, I consider this to be the most unnecessary addition to the One Piece Figuarts 5th Anniversary lineup thus far. Even so, I’m planning to pick up Zoro to support the line, in hopes of Bandai Japan continuing it into 2016.

One Piece Figuarts Zero Roronoa Zoro 5th Anniversary FigureThe One Piece Figuarts Zero 5th Anniversary Roronoa Zoro figure is now available for order, and is scheduled to be released in December 2015. For those who want to see this One Piece FAZ 5th Anniversary Series of figures continue with the remaining six members of the Straw Hat Pirates, I’d highly advise putting in a pre-order for Roronoa Zoro. If orders for Zoro are low, the chances of Bandai Japan going forward with less popular Mugiwaras such as Brook, Nico Robin and Franky are close to nil.

How do you like the newest Figuarts Zero take on Roronoa Zoro, One Piece collectors? Are you planning to add this latest Zoro to your collection, or are you satisfied with the many Zoro action figures that have been previously released?


Roronoa Zoro Figuarts Zero 5th Anniversary Up for Order! — 3 Comments

  1. I’ve been really wanting to get a collection of Strawhat figures and this series of 5th anniversary figures seems to be a promising place to start. I’m really liking this figure and the Luffy figure so far. Hopefully they come out with really nice Nico Robin and Franky figures as well!

    • They are really nice figures, and I wish money and space weren’t problems because I’d buy them all (again have the first sailing away set). Tho I have thought about selling my older one to buy the newer versions.

  2. As much as I like this Zoro I actually really liked the first sculpt Bandai had in mind for the 5th Anniversary Zoro. However I do like this one as he’s more action oriented. I do hope they continue to crank out the Straw Hat crew. I had the previous set of Straw Hats but gave them away to a buddy of mine who was down on his luck. I figured he needed a win and started him off with Luffy in the Gang. So yeah, I’m keeping my fingers crossed they keep releasing these guys. Oh and, for the love of god, please release a new Kuzaru Figuart Zero figure!!! I have the battle version of Akainu and plan to get Kuzan. It’s time for a new Kuzaru!!! :)