One Piece P.O.P. Kaku CP9 Figure Revealed at MegaHobby Expo 2013!

One Piece Portrait of Pirates 2014 Kaku Figure CP9 MegaHouse

MegaHouse’s biggest event of the year, thr long-awaited Autumn MegaHobby EXPO 2013 finally took place this weekend in Japan! Unfortunately, most One Piece fans (and fans of other anime properties MegaHouse makes 1/8 figures for) came away from this year’s show feeling disappointed. Even so, there were still some huge One Piece surprises at the show–including this one! Coming to the MegaHouse Portrait of Pirates 2014 lineup, the One Piece POP Kaku figure joins the ranks of the Portrait of Pirates CP9!

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One Piece POP Rob Lucci Leopard Form Figure Up for Order!

MegaHouse Leopard Rob Lucci One Piece POP Figure 2013

While I’ve been out traveling this summer, I’ve missed out on posting some news and pre-order announcements–so now it’s time to start catching up! First up, it’s the last One Piece POP Neo-DX Figure pre-order of the year. While we’ve already seen CP9’s top agent–Rob Lucci–twice before in MegaHouse P.O.P. form, we’ve never seen him before like this. Coming up in December 2013, it’s the One Piece POP Rob Lucci Leopard Form Version figure!

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Limited One Piece POP Kalifa Figure Finally Up for Pre-Order!

MegaHouse POP Limited Kalifa Figure Promotional Poster

It truly must be the end of all things, because the last of the MegaHouse One Piece POP figures previewed in 2012 has finally been solicited for pre-order!

I never had any doubt that she was going to be released, as we’ve never seen a MegaHouse Portrait of Pirates figure yet, but I sure was starting to get impatient.

Now up for pre-order and scheduled to be released in December 2013–the One Piece Portrait of Pirates Kalifa figure!

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One Piece POP Kalifa Finally Announced for December 2013!

One Piece POP Limited Kalifa Figure Exclusive CP9 December 2013

One Piece collectors have been wondering and dreaming about the One Piece Portrait of Pirates Kalifa figure ever since late last year, when the unpainted prototype was first revealed by MegaHouse. First Kalifa was revealed as a general release, but at a show earlier in 2013, she was switched to being marked as a P.O.P. LIMITED figure that would be a store exclusive. But still, no pre-orders.

Finally, though, the day CP9 fans have been dreaming of is at hand–MegaHouse has now announced the limited Kalifa POP figure will be released in December 2013!

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MegaHouse One Piece P.O.P. Leopard Form Rob Lucci Figure Revealed!

Close-Up of 2014 One Piece POP Rob Lucci Leopard Form Figure MegaHouse

The most requested characters I heard that One Piece collectors wanted to see MegaHouse debut at MegaHobby Expo Spring 2013 this weekend were villains–specifically Buggy the Clown and Magellan. Well, MegaHouse did debut several villains, but none of them were Buggy or Magellan. Instead, three of the four villains MegaHouse showed off at MegaHobby Expo were new versions of old figures. The craziest and most unexpected of these was definitely the newest version of CP9’s Rob Lucci–the One Piece POP Leopard Form Lucci!

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One Piece WCF Series 30 Released! CP9, Tom, Nico Olvia & Saul!

One Piece WCF 30 Tom of Tom's Workers from Water 7 Figure

It’s been over five months–virtually an eternity–since Banpresto released a new set of the One Piece WCF main line, but the agony is over. One Piece WCF Series 30 was released in Japan just this week, and it’s one of the most eclectic One Piece figure lineups ever by Banpresto. Containing characters only loosely connected from three different eras and no Straw Hat Pirates whatsoever, One Piece WCF 30 gives us never-before-made figures, villains, flashback characters, and even the King of the Pirates’ ship…

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One Piece CP9 Chess Piece Collection in July 2013!

One Piece CP9 Chess Piece Collection Poster

MegaHouse is set to release their fourth One Piece Chess Piece Collection in July 2013, and this set is special because it’s featuring an assortment of characters who rarely get their face on merchandising. One Piece Chess Piece Collection R Vol. 4 will feature the entire CP9 (Cipher Pol 9) team from the epic Water 7 arc of One Piece! Rob Lucci is back–and he’s brought all his “friends”…

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MegaHobby Expo Autumn 2012 One Piece POP Portrait of Pirates Kalifa

One Piece POP Portrait of Pirates Kalifa Figure CP9 2013

As soon as MegaHouse announced the Rob Lucci 1.5 earlier this year, speculation ran rampant that MegaHouse had released an improved version of the CP9 leader in anticipation of creating more members of the World Government’s special agents, CP9 (Cipher Pol 9). I wasn’t so sure that MegaHouse had anything like that in the works, since the Water 7 story arc of the anime concluded years ago. But it seems …

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