One Piece WCF GIGA Franky Shogun Released & Photos!

One Piece WCF GIGA Franky Shogun Figure Released

While there haven’t been a whole lot of incredible One Piece figures released this spring, a major release has just arrived from an unlikely place: Banpresto! While the Banpresto One Piece WCF (World Collectable Figure) line has fizzled a bit in popularity and release frequency in the past year or two, Banpresto has put together (pun intended–you’ll get it in a second) one of the most amazing WCF One Piece figures ever: the enormous One Piece WCF GIGA Franky Shogun figure! In fact, this General Franky figure is so big, you’ve gotta buy him in three separate boxes…

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One Piece SCultures Franky Shogun Figure Photos & Impressions!

One Piece General Franky Shogun SCultures Figure Close-Up

Traditionally, Franky has always been the least popular of the Straw Hat Pirates. Why is a mystery to me–Franky is my third favorite Mugiwara after Nico Robin and Brook–but facts are facts, and Franky is unpopular. Whatever the reason, Cyborg Franky merchandise has always been a tough sell. But One Piece manga author Oda-sensei may have found the cure for that malady when he created the awesome Franky Shogun mech, which instantly became more popular than Franky himself! And in 2014, the Banpresto SCultures Franky Shogun figure will arrive…

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One Piece WCF Pirates Of The General Franky Shogun Figures Set!

One Piece WCF Pirates Of The Iron Franky Shogun Figures Set

Traditionally, Banpresto One Piece World Collectable Figure sets have been limited to eight figures per series, but in 2014 Banpresto is changing things up and trying something new. Thus, we have a variety of six-figure One Piece WCF sets to look forward to next year! The most unexpected of the new themed sets is the One Piece WCF Pirates of the General Franky Shogun set, which will give us some of the most unique figure versions of six members of the Straw Hat Pirates ever…

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Gigantic One Piece Chogokin Franky Shogun Die-Cast Mech Revealed!

Bandai Chogokin Franky Shogun Diecast Mech Figure 2013

Are you ready for something that is both out of this world amazing and also out of this world expensive, One Piece fans? If so, get psyched, because Bandai is finally ready to bring their third diecast One Piece Chogokin toy to your home! In 2011 we got the New World Cyborg Franky action figure, which is still the best Franky action figure ever produced. In 2012 the Chogokin Going Merry sailed into our collections. And in 2013, the first-ever diecast One Piece Franky Shogun figure is going to launch into collections everywhere!

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Banpresto One Piece WCF Mega General Franky Shogun Figure Released!

Banpresto One Piece World Collectable Figure Mega General Franky Shogun Box

If you’re a Banpresto One Piece WCF (World Collectable Figure) collector that doesn’t care about One Piece Z figures, things have been just a little bit slow lately. But no more! Banpresto is back in a big way! And by “big”, I mean MEGA!

The long-awaited and much-discussed first-ever One Piece WCF Mega Figure has now been released overseas, and it is totally “SUUUPPPEEERRRRR!!!” It’s the Banpresto One Piece WCF Mega Franky Shogun Figure!

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One Piece WCF Zoo Super Sonic Duck Squad and WCF Mega Shogun Franky

One Piece Banpresto WCF General Franky Shogun and WCF ZOO Vol. 2

After the release of One Piece WCF Zoo Vol. 1 by Banpresto in December 2012, fans weren’t sure how long they were going to have to wait for WCF Zoo Vol. 2 to come out. But news has just come out from Banpresto revealing that after a lengthy six-month wait, we’ll be getting the second set of WCF Zoo Volume 2 in May 2013: the Super Sonic Duck Squad! Plus: The first WCF Mega figure–Franky Shogun!

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One Piece WCF Mega Franky Shogun Figure Revealed!

One Piece WCF Mega Franky Shogun Mech Figure

One of the coolest new items that debuted last week at the Banpresto 30th Prize Fair was the first figure in a new brand of the One Piece World Collectable Figures line: WCF Mega Franky Shogun! The Iron Pirate Franky Shogun is a robot-like mech armor that Franky built during the two year time-skip, utilizing Dr. Vegapunk’s designs as a template. It first appears in the Fishman Island arc during …

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