One Piece POP Franky Usopp Vivi Mild Figures Up for Order!

MegaHouse One Piece POP Mild Franky Figure with Angry Face

2015 has been a bizarre year for MegaHouse One Piece Portrait of Pirates figure collectors. All of the adult One Piece POP 2015 figures that have gone up for order have been limited editions and exclusives, whereas the pint-sized One Piece P.O.P. Children figures have all been mass-released. And that trend will be continuing for one more month (likely the final month), as the 2015 One Piece POP MILD Franky, Usopp and Vivi figures are all now up for order!

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One Piece Figuarts Zero Childhood Straw Hats Figures! Tamashii Nation

Tamashii Nation 2014 One Piece Figuarts Zero Childhood Figures Luffy Brook Franky Nami Robin Sanji Zoro

Bandai literally brought a boatload of surprise One Piece Figuarts Zero prototypes to display at Tamashii Nation 2014 over the weekend, and if there was one theme that surprised me more than any other that they brought, it was the huge multitude of One Piece children figures! While MegaHouse and Banpresto have released plenty of One Piece kid figures, Bandai Japan has never released a single one in the One Piece Figuarts Zero line. But that could all change in 2015, as Bandai Japan showed off a dozen One Piece Figuarts Zero Childhood figures at Tamashii Nation 2014!

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One Piece WCF GIGA Franky Shogun Released & Photos!

One Piece WCF GIGA Franky Shogun Figure Released

While there haven’t been a whole lot of incredible One Piece figures released this spring, a major release has just arrived from an unlikely place: Banpresto! While the Banpresto One Piece WCF (World Collectable Figure) line has fizzled a bit in popularity and release frequency in the past year or two, Banpresto has put together (pun intended–you’ll get it in a second) one of the most amazing WCF One Piece figures ever: the enormous One Piece WCF GIGA Franky Shogun figure! In fact, this General Franky figure is so big, you’ve gotta buy him in three separate boxes…

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One Piece WCF Pirates Of The General Franky Shogun Figures Set!

One Piece WCF Pirates Of The Iron Franky Shogun Figures Set

Traditionally, Banpresto One Piece World Collectable Figure sets have been limited to eight figures per series, but in 2014 Banpresto is changing things up and trying something new. Thus, we have a variety of six-figure One Piece WCF sets to look forward to next year! The most unexpected of the new themed sets is the One Piece WCF Pirates of the General Franky Shogun set, which will give us some of the most unique figure versions of six members of the Straw Hat Pirates ever…

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One Piece POP Armored Franky Portrait of Pirates Figure Released!

MegaHouse P.O.P. Franky MAXIMUM Doing SUPER Pose

You’ve waited, One Piece P.O.P. fans. No weeks or even months, but years. It hasn’t been a short or pleasant wait, but good things come to those with patience. Or in this case, SUUUUPERRRRR things! At long last, the MegaHouse One Piece Portrait of Pirates Franky Sailing Again figure has arrived! With more options, moving parts and accessories than any One Piece POP figure ever, the Armored Franky is a spectacular vision of anime figure to behold at any price (which is fortunate, because P.O.P. Sailing Again Franky is selling for a fortune on ebay already!)…

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Gigantic One Piece Chogokin Franky Shogun Die-Cast Mech Revealed!

Bandai Chogokin Franky Shogun Diecast Mech Figure 2013

Are you ready for something that is both out of this world amazing and also out of this world expensive, One Piece fans? If so, get psyched, because Bandai is finally ready to bring their third diecast One Piece Chogokin toy to your home! In 2011 we got the New World Cyborg Franky action figure, which is still the best Franky action figure ever produced. In 2012 the Chogokin Going Merry sailed into our collections. And in 2013, the first-ever diecast One Piece Franky Shogun figure is going to launch into collections everywhere!

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One Piece Z Figuarts Zero Luffy Franky & Chopper Figures Released!

One Piece Z Figuarts Zero Franky Chopper Luffy Figures Bandai

I’ve been waiting for today almost since the very first day that I launched this website–the first trio of One Piece Z Figuarts Zero figures of the Straw Hats Battle Clothes was released in Japan today! This is pretty exciting stuff because this is only the second time Bandai will have produced the Straw Hat Pirates in matching clothes, and only the second-ever figures of Nico Robin, Franky and Brook from Bandai! Bandai is starting the line off HUGE with its biggest cash cows in One Piece Z Luffy and Chopper, as well as the most physically huge character in the nine-figure series: One Piece Z Franky!

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One Piece Figuarts Zero Franky Figure Review (New World Ver.)

New World Franky Wearing Sunglasses Figuarts Zero One Piece Bandai Figure

Though he is easily the most unpopular of the Straw Hat Pirates, Franky is still more loved than 95% of the named characters that show up in the One Piece manga and anime. Due to his immense size and crazy proportions, though, Franky is also toy companies’ least favorite member of the Mugiwaras. While MegaHouse will finally be releasing One Piece POP Franky Sailing Again Figure this summer (after two years of development), today I’m reviewing a Bandai figure that beat MegaHouse and everyone else to the punch: it’s the Figuarts Zero One Piece Franky New World Ver. Figure, and it is definitely SUUUUUPERRRR!!!

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Banpresto One Piece WCF Mega General Franky Shogun Figure Released!

Banpresto One Piece World Collectable Figure Mega General Franky Shogun Box

If you’re a Banpresto One Piece WCF (World Collectable Figure) collector that doesn’t care about One Piece Z figures, things have been just a little bit slow lately. But no more! Banpresto is back in a big way! And by “big”, I mean MEGA!

The long-awaited and much-discussed first-ever One Piece WCF Mega Figure has now been released overseas, and it is totally “SUUUPPPEEERRRRR!!!” It’s the Banpresto One Piece WCF Mega Franky Shogun Figure!

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One Piece Film Z WCF Vol. 3 Straw Hats Figures Released!

One Piece Film Z WCF Vol. 3 Set Boxes

It seems like just yesterday that One Piece Z WCF Vol. 1 came out, but it was actually “way” back in December! Two more months brought two more sets, and the third of the four series of Banpresto WCF figures for One Piece Film Z has now been released overseas: One Piece WCF Film Z Vol. 3! But while the character selection can’t be faulted, the quality control on this set leaves a lot to be desired…

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