One Piece POP Nami BB Edition-Z Photos & Pre-Order!

One Piece POP Nami Ver. BB Figure

About a month ago, word broke that MegaHouse had finally announced a One Piece Film Z Nami Portrait of Pirates figure! With having been over a year since the release of the last POP Edition Z figure, I was stoked for the Nami Edition-Z figure. And now, after all this time, the One Piece POP Nami BB Edition-Z figure is available for order!

But, uh… unfortunately, this Nami Film Z figure isn’t exactly what I was expecting…

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One Piece POP Roronoa Zoro Edition Z Figure Review & Photos

MegaHouse Portrait of Pirates Zoro Z Edition Figure

As we’re still condemned to the barren wasteland of non-existent One Piece figure news, it’s time I move on to my review of the next character in the One Piece Film Z POP figure collection.

Though he wasn’t the last of the five One Piece P.O.P. Edition-Z figures to be solicited, he is the one that showed up last in stores. The One Piece Z Portrait of Pirates Roronoa Zoro is available now for the drastically reduced price of about $60 shipped–should you buy one? Read on…

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MegaHouse One Piece POP Luffy Film Z Figure Review & Photos

One Piece POP Edition-Z Luffy Film Z Figure Review

I’ve been slacking on new One Piece figure reviews thus far this year, but with the lull in new releases, I figure now is the perfect time to catch up! I’ve got a pretty hefty backlog of One Piece figures and collectibles waiting to be reviewed from the past six months, so bear with me if some of the items I review in the near-future aren’t quite the newest things to ship.

First up, it’s the One Piece POP Edition-Z Monkey D. Luffy figure! You can get this P.O.P. Luffy Film Z figure for about $60 shipped now online, and he is worth every penny…

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One Piece POP Luffy Edition-Z Figure Released & Photos!

One Piece Z P.O.P. Luffy Figure Released

For whatever reason, MegaHouse has a really hard time capturing the main character of One Piece–Monkey D. Luffy–in plastic form. It seems rather bizarre that the One Piece P.O.P. Luffy figures keep turning out wrong, considering how many MegaHouse has produced at this point, but MegaHouse just hasn’t been able to nail Luffy’s likeness.

At least, not until now. Just released overseas and now available for order–it’s the fantastic One Piece P.O.P. Edition-Z Monkey D. Luffy figure! And I’m declaring him the best MegaHouse Luffy ever right now.

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2014 One Piece P.O.P. Dressrosa Figures at MegaHobby EXPO!

One Piece POP Sailing Again Bellamy Portrait of Pirates Figure Dressrosa 2014

As One Piece Z is a site that doesn’t spoil things beyond the current point in the One Piece anime, MegaHouse has put us in quite a pickle with their big announcements from last month’s MegaHobby EXPO 2013 Autumn event. See, while we’ve already discussed three of the six new One Piece POP 2014 figures shown at the event, there are three more that I’m really not sure how to talk about.

Coming in 2014–One Piece P.O.P. Portrait of Pirates figures from the Dressrosa arc: Bellamy, Bartolomeo and Cavendish!

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One Piece Portrait of Pirates Chopper POP Edition-Z Figure Review

Tony Tony Chopper P.O.P. Edition-Z MegaHouse Figure

Given that this website is named for One Piece Film Z, you might expect that I was reviewing each of the MegaHouse One Piece Z Portrait of Pirates Edition-Z figures immediately as soon as they came out. But it’s actually quite the contrary! I’ve been waiting until a decent portion of the Film Z Strawhats POPs were released before beginning my reviews. And at long last, I’m ready to begin with the first figure in P.O.P. Edition-Z: Tony Tony Chopper! You may already have a million Chopper figures, but this one is like none before it…

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One Piece Z DXF Manhood Monkey D. Luffy vs. Zetto Set Released!

One Piece Z Luffy DXF Manhood Figure Banpresto 2013

I’m a total sucker for all swag from One Piece Film Z, so it goes without saying that I’ve been looking forward to the long-awaited release of the One Piece DXF Manhood: Monkey D. Luffy vs. Zetto figure set. Though this One Piece Z figures set is being released almost a full year after the movie debuted in theaters, I’m still pretty excited about it. And at long last, the One Piece DXF Manhood set is now released and available for ordering!

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One Piece P.O.P. Edition-Z Monkey D. Luffy Photos & Up for Order!

One Piece Film Z Luffy POP Edition-Z Up for Order

When MegaHouse officially confirmed that they were going to be producing One Piece Film Z Portrait of Pirates figures, I was absolutely certain that the first or maybe second release would be the P.O.P. Edition-Z Monkey D. Luffy figure. I was wrong. Not a little wrong, but a lot wrong. But no matter!

Though he’ll be arriving well over a year after One Piece Film Z is out of theaters, the One Piece Z POP Luffy figure is finally arriving in 2014 and is now available for pre-order!

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One Piece Film Z Sanji P.O.P. Edition-Z MegaHouse Figure Released!

One Piece Portrait of Pirates Sanji Z Edition Figure Box

Plenty of people said it would never happen, but MegaHouse has done the unthinkable–they’ve released five One Piece Portrait of Pirates figures–three of which brand new–in one month’s time! Earlier in the month of September 2013, MegaHouse released One Piece POP Gol D. Roger, Whitebeard Ver. 0 and a reissue of the original Whitebeard. Now we can add onto that a reissue of POP Sailing Again Nico Robin and the all-new, all-awesome One Piece Z POP Sanji Edition Z figure!

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Figuarts Zero One Piece Film Z Brook Figure Review (Web Exclusive)

One Piece Film Z Brook Figuarts Zero Figure Head Close-Up

It’s probably good that Brook is my favorite character in the One Piece anime and manga for a couple of reasons. Firstly, toy companies don’t seem to make a ton of Brook figures, so I don’t go bankrupt trying to buy them all (and believe me, I buy virtually every new Brook figure that comes out). But the other reason is that it’s good that my favorite character is Brook is that every Brook One Piece figure that does come out is fantastic. Case in point is the subject of today’s review: the Bandai Figuarts Zero One Piece Film Z Brook figure!

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