One Piece Dressrosa Arc Part 2 Ani-Chara Heroes Figures!

One Piece Ani-Chara Heroes Dressrosa Arc Part 2 Figures

August 2015 has not exactly been a banner month for One Piece figures, with neither Bandai Japan not MegaHouse having solicited even one genuine new figure (no, that funky Watermelon Chopper POP absolutely does not count). But salvation has arrived from an unlikely source–Plex! Plex has been making some of the most diverse One Piece characters and iterations of main characters of any manufacturer for several years now, and out of nowhere, the Ani-Chara One Piece Dressrosa Arc Part 2 figures are now up for order!

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One Piece Mr. 2 Bon Clay DPCF DX Figure Announced!

One Piece Bon Clay DPCF DX Figure Mr. 2 from Samurai Spread

We’re just 12 hours away from the opening of the hugely-anticipated MegaHobby Spring Expo 2013, but while we (probably) won’t get any One Piece P.O.P. information before that show opens, tons of news is rolling in from plenty of other branches of One Piece collectibles! One such item comes totally out of the blue, and it’s from Plex. We hadn’t heard any updates from Plex in quite a long time about their One Piece Door Painting Collectible Figure DX line of statues, and some had written the line off as cancelled. But today an okama made his grand debut, eliminating that skepticism! It’s the One Piece D.P.C.F. Bon Clay Mr. 2 figure!

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