One Piece WCF Hana Series Released & Photos! Sadi Vivi Rouge

Banpresto One Piece WCF Hana Figures Series Vivi Rouge Ivankov Perona

Could it be…?! Yes, the One Piece collecting gods have smiled down upon us, as new One Piece figures have actually been released this week! I know the One Piece World Collectable Figure Series by Banpresto isn’t for everyone, but this One Piece WCF Hana series gives us some characters that have never been done before, including a Female Ivankov figure and Portgas. D Rouge…

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One Piece WCF Vol. 31 Figures Released! King Neptune, Shirahoshi!

One Piece WCF Series 31 Figures Complete Set Neptune Shirahoshi Princes

It’s been eight months between post-timeskip series, but at long last Banpresto has now released One Piece WCF Vol. 31, filled with eight One Piece World Collectable Figures based on the first half of the Fishman Island arc of the One Piece anime!

If you’ve been pining away for One Piece figures of the Neptune Royal Family and/or Captain Crab Hand Gyro (you know you want him), then this is the One Piece WCF series you’ve been waiting for!

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2013 One Piece SCultures Series 2 by Banpresto Fully Revealed!

One Piece SCultures Figures Series 2 2013 Banpresto

We’ve known the complete lineup for Banpresto’s One Piece SCultures series 2 for a while now, but now we have finally seen full-color, painted prototypes of the five figures making up 2013’s SCultures 2 for the very first time!

Here’s my thoughts on each of the five forthcoming One Piece SCultures figurines…

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One Piece WCF Mega Franky Shogun Figure Revealed!

One Piece WCF Mega Franky Shogun Mech Figure

One of the coolest new items that debuted last week at the Banpresto 30th Prize Fair was the first figure in a new brand of the One Piece World Collectable Figures line: WCF Mega Franky Shogun! The Iron Pirate Franky Shogun is a robot-like mech armor that Franky built during the two year time-skip, utilizing Dr. Vegapunk’s designs as a template. It first appears in the Fishman Island arc during …

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