One Piece Figuarts Zero Law Special Color Edition Figure!

One Piece Figuarts Zero Trafalgar Law Special Color Edition Figure Close-Up

While we’ve still got a week until 2015 rolls into town, I don’t think it’s too early yet at all to name 2015 “the year of Sabo figures”. The number of Sabo figures, statues, capsule toys and so forth to be released in 2015 will likely be absolutely staggering.

But while he may not be next year’s “hot” character, that doesn’t mean toy companies are giving Trafalgar Law a break–the limited One Piece Figuarts Zero Trafalgar Law Special Color Edition figure is now up for order!

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One Piece Figuarts Zero 2015 Nami Milky Ball Battle Ver.!

Close-Up of Milky Ball Nami Figuarts Zero One Piece Figure 2015

After kicking off 2015 on the right foot with the intensely-anticipated One Piece Figuarts Zero Sabo figure, Bandai is going back to their old bag of tricks for their next release. Nobody asked for another Figuarts Zero Battle Version figure of a character who’s already had a Battle Ver. and been released countless times otherwise, but if we were going to get one anyway, we could have done a lot worse.

Coming in March 2015–One Piece Figuarts Zero Nami Milky Ball Battle Ver. will be up for order in late October 2014!

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One Piece P.O.P. Momonosuke Photos & Pre Order Info!

One Piece P.O.P. Sailing Again Momonosuke Poster

MegaHouse has made some interesting choices this year with their One Piece Portrait of Pirates collection, as they’ve selected some ultra-popular characters like the new Trafalgar Law and Gladiator Rebecca, along with some, uhh… “less” popular characters like P.O.P Hyena Bellamy. Sadly, this next upcoming pre-order falls squarely into the “unpopular” category–but I don’t care, because I love him! Coming in August 2014, it’s our first “kid” POP in a while–the One Piece Portrait of Pirates Momonosuke figure!

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One Piece Grandline Men Vol 18 Trafalgar Law Released!

One Piece DXF Trafalgar Law Grandline Men Vol. 18 Box

While most One Piece figure companies raked in their fortunes on the Punk Hazard Trafalgar Law last year, poor Banpresto lagged behind and didn’t manage to get a Punk Hazard Law of their own out until now.

This week Banpresto finally released their Grandline Men Vol. 18 Trafalgar Law figure for sale at retail, but can it compete with the competitions’ versions of Law…?

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One Piece Colosseum SCultures Kin’emon Figure Photos & Preview!

Banpresto Figure Colosseum III Kinemon SCultures One Piece Figure

As soon as Fox Fire Kin’emon showed up during the Punk Hazard arc of the One Piece manga and anime, I was certain that he was going to be a figure of great import that would be getting a ton of page-time, screen-time, memorable battles and merchandise. But then a funny thing happened–we went months and month with him getting none of the above–and most painfully of all, no figures!

Thankfully, Banpresto will remedy that in 2014, when the One Piece Figures Colosseum Kinemon SCultures figure is released!

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One Piece POP Momonosuke Portrait of Pirates 2014 Figure Revealed!

One Piece POP Momonosuke Portrait of Pirates 2014 Figure CB-EX

There weren’t a lot of One Piece Portrait of Pirates figures announced at this weekend’s MegaHobby EXPO 2013 Fall show that I was hoping for. In fact, there was a grand total of one character I had been asking for revealed at the show: Momonosuke!

Of course, I probably should have been more clear with my wishes, because MegaHouse got it wrong. While we are in fact getting a One Piece POP Momonosuke figure in 2014, the one I had in mind was less a little human kid and more, well… a dragon…

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2014 One Piece Grandline Men Trafalgar Law Vol. 18 Up For Order!

One Piece DXF Grandline Men Trafalgar Law Figure Vol 18 March 2014

After the massive disappointment that was the “big reveal” of the Bandai Figuarts Zero Trafalgar Law Battle Ver. figure, Law fans really needed some good news–and now they have it! While fans aren’t exactly jumping up and down with excitement to order the FAZ Law, he’s not the only new Punk Hazard Law figure in town.

After debuting last month at the 33rd Banpresto Prize Fair, the Banpresto DXF Grandline Men Trafalgar Law Vol. 18 figure is now available for pre-order!

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Figuarts Zero Trafalgar Law Battle Ver. Figure Revealed & Photos!

Bandai Trafalgar Law Figuarts Zero Battle Ver Figure Revealed

Prepare to be crushed, One Piece collectors. All the time I say things like “Bandai rarely disappoints me with their One Piece Figuarts Zero figures line”. Well, today Bandai disappointed me in a big, big way. We’ve been waiting all month to get our first gander at the Figuarts Zero One Piece Trafalgar Law Battle Ver. figure that was announced here at the beginning of October, and today Bandai sent out the official photos preview of the Battle Ver Trafalgar Law figure. Unfortunately, the first 2014 Figuarts Zero figure does not get us off to good start for the new year…

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One Piece Grandline Men Vergo Figure Vol. 17 Released!

One Piece Grandline Men Vergo Figure Vol. 17

Banpresto has a pretty successful track record with their One Piece Grandline Men series of figures, as the lineup tends to encompass only the most prominent and/or most popular characters from the One Piece manga and anime. Banpresto has given us several characters that haven’t had any representation in the 5″ and above scale from any other company, and their choices have been very solid–but they have may have just released their first dud. Now released overseas–it’s the Vol. 17 One Piece Grandline Men Vergo figure!

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Figuarts Zero One Piece Trafalgar Law Battle Ver Figure Announced!

Trafalgar Law Timeskip Battle Ver Figure

Trafalgar Law is a pretty popular guy. By which I mean “earth-shatteringly, riot-inducingly” popular–perhaps more popular than any other singular character in the entire One Piece franchise. Yes, Trafalgar Law is a popular guy. So it should come as no surprise that, following the crazy blockbuster success that was the 2013 Figuarts Zero Trafalgar Law Punk Hazard figure, Bandai is opening up 2014 with another Law. Coming February 2014–Figuarts Zero One Piece Trafalgar Law Battle Version figure!

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