One Piece SCultures Fourth Gear Luffy Figure Review!

One Piece SCultures Fourth Gear Luffy Figure Review

With MegaHouse and Bandai rarely releasing interesting figures these days, we’re missing out on getting some major character versions in the One Piece Portrait of Pirates and Figuarts Zero figure lines.

Luckily, Banpresto has been picking up the slack with their One Piece SCultures, and their latest gift to One Piece figure collectors is the SCultures Fourth Gear Luffy figure that’s now available for order! He’s slightly smaller than I’d like, but otherwise an awesome figure…

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Banpresto One Piece SCultures Sabo Figure Review Photos

One Piece SCultures Sabo Figure Review

While all the other One Piece collectibles licensees have been dropping the ball for the past year-plus, Banpresto has continued to fight the good fight with new characters and unique poses.

But there are some cash-cow characters that Banpresto can’t avoid doing, and Luffy’s other brother is one of them. The Banpresto Sabo SCultures figure is available for about $20 shipped online–and at that price, it’s another steal…

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One Piece Scultures Luffy Strong World Review & Photos

SCultures Luffy Strong World Review

Let there be absolutely no doubt about it: we are living in a very dark time for One Piece collecting, with the two “main” One Piece toy lines (MegaHouse POP and Bandai Figuarts Zero) on life support.

But there are still some real gems out there, and one of them is the subject of today’s review! You can get the Strong World Luffy SCultures figure for $22 shipped onlineand you definitely should do so!

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One Piece SCultures Kinemon Figure Review & Photos

One Piece SCultures Kin'emon Figure Review

When the fiery samurai Kinemon joined the recurring cast of the Mugiwaras in early 2013 as part of the Punk Hazard arc, I was certain that it was only a matter of time until we were buried in figures and toys for such a prominent character. But a funny thing happened–almost two years passed, and zero major figures of Kin’emon were released. But to my delight, the Banpresto SCultures Kinemon figure I ordered online arrived this fall–and it is awesome

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One Piece SCultures Brook Figure Released & Photos!

One Piece SCultures Brook Figure Released

Sometimes you wait so long for a figure to be released that when it finally is, the whole world feels surreal. Such is the case with this Banpresto One Piece Colosseum Brook figure, which one of the very first figures that I previewed back when I opened this site in 2012.

I’ve been pining away for this One Piece SCultures Brook figure for so long that I’m honestly in a bit of disbelief that SCultures Brook’s actually available to order now. And I’m happy to say that this is One Piece SCultures Series 2 figure that was well worth the agonizingly long wait…

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One Piece SCultures Hody Jones Figure Released & Photos!

Banpresto Colosseum Hody Jones Figure Close-Up

If you read this site regularly, then you know that oftentimes I like toys and characters that the majority seem to hate. Case in point: Hody Jones and the whole One Piece Fishman Island arc of the manga and anime. While many fans thought Fishman Island was boring no drawn-out, I thought it was one of the most emotionally-charged and relevant arcs of the whole series–and Hody Jones among One Piece’s greatest villains. So am I excited for the just-released One Piece SCultures Hody Jones figure? You know it…

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One Piece SCultures Vol. 3 Roronoa Zoro Figure Photos & Preview!

Banpresto Figure Colosseum Roronoa Zoro SCultures Vol. 3 Figure

Just when I thought I’d talked One Piece Figure Colosseum SCultures Vol. 3 to death, I woke up in the middle of the night with the realization that I had skipped over the latest version of the future World’s Greatest Swordsman!

Roronoa Zoro is no stranger to SCultures figures–in fact, we’ve already had a timeskip SCultures Roronoa Zoro figure released just last year! You have to wonder whether or not this figure has anything new to offer, and if it does, if it’s enough to make it worth buying yet another Zoro figure…

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One Piece SCultures Franky Shogun Figure Photos & Impressions!

One Piece General Franky Shogun SCultures Figure Close-Up

Traditionally, Franky has always been the least popular of the Straw Hat Pirates. Why is a mystery to me–Franky is my third favorite Mugiwara after Nico Robin and Brook–but facts are facts, and Franky is unpopular. Whatever the reason, Cyborg Franky merchandise has always been a tough sell. But One Piece manga author Oda-sensei may have found the cure for that malady when he created the awesome Franky Shogun mech, which instantly became more popular than Franky himself! And in 2014, the Banpresto SCultures Franky Shogun figure will arrive…

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One Piece Colosseum SCultures Kin’emon Figure Photos & Preview!

Banpresto Figure Colosseum III Kinemon SCultures One Piece Figure

As soon as Fox Fire Kin’emon showed up during the Punk Hazard arc of the One Piece manga and anime, I was certain that he was going to be a figure of great import that would be getting a ton of page-time, screen-time, memorable battles and merchandise. But then a funny thing happened–we went months and month with him getting none of the above–and most painfully of all, no figures!

Thankfully, Banpresto will remedy that in 2014, when the One Piece Figures Colosseum Kinemon SCultures figure is released!

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One Piece SCultures III Chopper Figure Photos & Impressions!

Banpresto One Piece Colosseum Tony Tony Chopper SCultures Figure Crying Close-Up

If there’s one character for whom the One Piece collectibles market is well and truly saturated, it’s Tony Tony Chopper. At this point, the number of Tony Tony Chopper figures out there is easily in the hundreds, making it a minor miracle that Banpresto managed to get through the first two One Piece Figure Colosseum SCultures series with nary a Chopper figure to be found. All good things must come to an end, though, and everyone’s favorite anthropomorphic reindeer is about to make his debut–the SCultures III Chopper figure ships in 2014!

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