One Piece P.O.P. MAXIMUM Gold Lion Shiki Released & Photos!

One Piece POP Gold Lion Shiki Strong Edition Box

Sometimes in the collecting world you see something that seems so good to be true, you can’t possibly believe it’s real. That’s how I felt last year when MegaHouse debuted the unpainted prototype of the One Piece P.O.P. MAXIMUM Gold Lion Shiki Strong Edition figure. I was certain that MegaHouse would cancel the figure due to lack of interest or it being too logistically difficult to produce. But defying the odds, the One Piece Portrait of Pirates Shiki figure is a reality, and the limited One Piece POP Shiki has now been released!

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Limited One Piece POP Maximum Shiki Figure Revealed!

One Piece POP Maximum Shiki Figure Gold Lion Shiki Strong World

MegaHouse finally officially revealed the figure I’d been waiting for all year today. For some people, the new Marineford Shanks POP or POP Punk Hazard Trafalgar Law was their most-anticipated figure of the year. For most, it was the POP Sailing Again Franky figure needed to complete the Straw Hats. For me, it was none of those figures (although I did order them all). No, my “holy grail” for 2013 One Piece Portrait of Pirates figures is a character that I never–never–thought would actually get the go-ahead and be produced by MegaHouse. It’s the villain of the One Piece Strong World movie–One Piece POP Shiki! Or should I say “Limited POP Maximum Shiki”…

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MegaHobby Expo Autumn 2012: One Piece POP Golden Shiki

One Piece P.O.P. Portrait of Pirates Golden Lion Shiki Figure 2013

The eighth and final new One Piece P.O.P. Portrait of Pirates 2013 figure debuting at the MegaHobby Expo Autumn 2012 is perhaps my favorite announcement of the show, as well as a character I had long since given up on ever seeing captured as a One Piece POP figure: Shiki the Golden Lion from the One Piece Strong World film. Given that Golden Lion Shiki is among the most challenging characters from the One Piece anime to create a stable figure for, as he has swords for his legs, this sculpture by MegaHouse is all the more impressive…

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One Piece DX Grandline Men Golden Shiki Figure Review

Golden Lion Shiki Figure Head Close-Up One Piece DX Banpresto

Of all the characters in the One Piece mythos I never expected to like, Golden Shiki would be toward the top of the list. In general I find shonen anime movie villains to be some of the weakest and most unmemorable characters from a series. But Golden Lion Shiki totally me completely off-guard with the combination of his wacky sense of humor and his top-tier Devil Fruit abilities. Not only …

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