Funko One Piece POP Vinyls Figures Photos & Order Info!

Funko One Piece POP Vinyls Figures Luffy Ace Law Chopper

Seeing as how the One Piece has sold 320 million copies worldwide and is the best-selling manga of all-time, it’s only natural that non-Asian merchandisers would eventually want to cash in on the series’ success. And what better company to do so than the hottest up-and-coming toy company in the world, Funko? With a first quartet consisting of Luffy, Chopper, Ace and Trafalgar Law, the Funko One Piece POP Vinyls figures are now up for order!

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One Piece Variable Action Heroes Chopper Up for Order!

Tony Tony Chopper Variable Action Heroes Poster

Though 2015 was basically a year of doom and gloom One Piece figures collectors, there was one thing this year that I absolutely loved: the advent of the super-articulated MegaHouse One Piece Variable Action Heroes figures line.

And thankfully, the line will be continuing into 2016: the One Piece Variable Action Heroes Chopper goes up for order today, and it just may be the best Tony Tony Chopper toy ever made!

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One Piece Figuarts Zero LIMITED Chopper Omaera Genkika Konoyaro!

Bandai Japan Tamashii Web Exclusive One Piece Figuarts Zero Tony Tony Chopper Omaera Genki ka Konoyaro Version

If there’s one thing that One Piece collectors can’t get enough of, it’s figures of Tony Tony Chopper (just ask any One Piece merchandiser–they’ll tell you)! And so, Bandai Japan has now opened up orders for their first One Piece Figuarts Zero 2015 limited exclusive figure: the One Piece Figuarts Zero Tony Tony Chopper Omaera Genkika Konoyaro Ver. figure (wow, that’s a real mouthful)! Ordinarily these Tamashii Web exclusives will cost you a fortune to import, but this specific Japan web-exclusive Figuarts Chopper is available for a great price in the United States–for now!

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One Piece POP Chopper Horn Point Released & Photos!

One Piece POP Tony Tony Chopper Horn Point Box

When it rains, it pours–and in March 2014, it’s raining One Piece P.O.P. figures! Earlier this month the One Piece Portrait of Pirates Roronoa Zoro and Monkey D. Luffy Edition-Z figures (based on their appearances in One Piece Film Z) were released, and now MegaHouse has thrown a third new release into the fray! Many of us never thought we’d see the day that MegaHouse would produce one of Chopper’s uncommon forms, but the One Piece POP Chopper Horn Point figure has now been released overseas and is available for order!

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One Piece Figuarts Zero Dr. Hiluluk & Chopper Figure Review

One Piece Figuarts Zero Dr. Hiluluk & Chopper Figures Review

I took a short break for the holidays, but I’m back now with a huge slate of backlogged One Piece figure news and a ton of new figures to review!

To kick things off, I’ve got the Figuarts Zero One Piece Dr. Hiluluk & Tony Tony Chopper figures I got as Christmas presents. Dr. Hiluluk & Chopper are available for just $20 shipped as of writing–almost 50% Off their original price.

Should you own them? Yes. Yes, you should…

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One Piece SCultures III Chopper Figure Photos & Impressions!

Banpresto One Piece Colosseum Tony Tony Chopper SCultures Figure Crying Close-Up

If there’s one character for whom the One Piece collectibles market is well and truly saturated, it’s Tony Tony Chopper. At this point, the number of Tony Tony Chopper figures out there is easily in the hundreds, making it a minor miracle that Banpresto managed to get through the first two One Piece Figure Colosseum SCultures series with nary a Chopper figure to be found. All good things must come to an end, though, and everyone’s favorite anthropomorphic reindeer is about to make his debut–the SCultures III Chopper figure ships in 2014!

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One Piece Portrait of Pirates Chopper POP Edition-Z Figure Review

Tony Tony Chopper P.O.P. Edition-Z MegaHouse Figure

Given that this website is named for One Piece Film Z, you might expect that I was reviewing each of the MegaHouse One Piece Z Portrait of Pirates Edition-Z figures immediately as soon as they came out. But it’s actually quite the contrary! I’ve been waiting until a decent portion of the Film Z Strawhats POPs were released before beginning my reviews. And at long last, I’m ready to begin with the first figure in P.O.P. Edition-Z: Tony Tony Chopper! You may already have a million Chopper figures, but this one is like none before it…

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Chopper Horn Point Portrait of Pirates 2014 Figure Up for Order!

One Piece POP Horn Point Chopper Figure MegaHouse Poster

I’m long since over Tony Tony Chopper. I passed the point a long time ago where I stopped seeing Chopper as being “cute” and started wanting to punch him in the face every time he opened his mouth for being weak and annoying. So I fully expected MegaHouse was not going to be able to win my praise with any Chopper they showed off for the One Piece 2014 Portrait of Pirates line. But, well… then MegaHouse had to go and show this amazing Horn Point Chopper P.O.P., which is now up for pre-order!

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One Piece WCF ZOO Vol. 3 Released! Alabasta Animals!

One Piece WCF Zoo Vol. 3 Figures Alabasta Animals

Tired of all the endless versions of One Piece main characters being released in figure form? Ready for some truly wacky and crazy figures? Well, get ready, because Banpresto has just the thing for you: One Piece World Collectable Figures ZOO Volume 3! Featuring a variety of adorable (and less than adorable) animals from the manga and anime never released before as toys, One Piece WCF ZOO Vol. 3 has now been released!

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Wonder Festival Summer 2013: One Piece P.O.P. Crimin Chopper Figure

Wonder Festival 2013 MegaHouse Crimin Chopper Exclusive Figure

Yesterday I talked about one of the two brand-new (non-repaint) figures that MegaHouse showed over the weekend at the Summer 2013 Wonder Festival in Japan: the upcoming P.O.P. Sailing Again Horn Point Chopper. Though that figure was unpainted, that new Portrait of Pirates timeskip Chopper figure was still enormously cool and many fans are already excited for it. The other new figure MegaHouse debuted at the event was also an addition to the POP Sailing Again line, and is (surprise!) also Chopper: the One Piece P.O.P. Crimin Chopper figure!

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