One Piece POP Franky Usopp Vivi Mild Figures Up for Order!

MegaHouse One Piece POP Mild Franky Figure with Angry Face

2015 has been a bizarre year for MegaHouse One Piece Portrait of Pirates figure collectors. All of the adult One Piece POP 2015 figures that have gone up for order have been limited editions and exclusives, whereas the pint-sized One Piece P.O.P. Children figures have all been mass-released. And that trend will be continuing for one more month (likely the final month), as the 2015 One Piece POP MILD Franky, Usopp and Vivi figures are all now up for order!

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Figuarts Zero One Piece Sogeking Usopp Battle Ver. Released!

Boxed Figuarts Zero One Piece Sogeking Battle Ver. Front

One of the longest in-development Figuarts Zero One Piece figures finally came out of the factory and into stores this week, when the popular One Piece Figuarts Zero “Battle Version subset got its fifth figure. He may not be the most popular member of the Straw Hats, but Usopp has been there since almost the very beginning. And when it came time to determine a pre-timeskip costume to release for Usopp, there’s no better idea Bandai could have come up with than this Figuarts Zero One Piece Sogeking Usopp Battle Ver. figure…

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Figuarts Zero One Piece Usopp New World Ver. Figure Review (Bandai)

Bandai One Piece New World Version Usopp Figuarts Zero Figure

While pretty much every Figuarts Zero One Piece figure Bandai puts out today is a grand slam, that wasn’t always the case. Bandai used to have a fair number of bunts or strike-outs when the line was in its infancy (Can you tell it’s opening day at Fenway Park while I’m writing this?). Last week I talked about the Tony Tony Chopper New World Ver. figure that didn’t exactly blow me away, and I’ll continue that trend today by discussing the first and thus far only Usopp figure Bandai has released: the One Piece Figuarts Zero Usopp New World Ver…

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One Piece Film Z WCF Vol. 3 Straw Hats Figures Released!

One Piece Film Z WCF Vol. 3 Set Boxes

It seems like just yesterday that One Piece Z WCF Vol. 1 came out, but it was actually “way” back in December! Two more months brought two more sets, and the third of the four series of Banpresto WCF figures for One Piece Film Z has now been released overseas: One Piece WCF Film Z Vol. 3! But while the character selection can’t be faulted, the quality control on this set leaves a lot to be desired…

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