Tamashii Nations One Piece Figuarts Zero CP9 Lucci Kalifa Kaku!

While there have been dozens upon dozens of characters released in the One Piece Figuarts Zero line, very few of those characters have been villains–and in particular, pre-timeskip villains. But at this weekend’s Tamashii Nation 2014 event, we got a peek at many One Piece figures that could change all that–including a trio of figures from the World Government’s secret agency, CP9: Figuarts Zero Lucci, Kaku and Kalifa!

Tamashii Nation 2014 One Piece Figuarts Zero Lucci Kalifa Kaku Figures CP9Just when I had given up hope on Bandai Tamashii Nations going back and doing some of the more significant pre-3D2Y villains, they go and show off a completely unexpected panoply of figures at a major event!

As the most prominent members of Cipher Pol 9, I’m not at all surprised that the three members of CP9 Bandai Japan would be interested in are Rob Lucci, Kalifa and Kaku.

One Piece Figuarts Zero Lucci Figure Tamashii Nations 2015

I like the Rob Lucci statue the best of the three, as he’s been sculpted in a neutral stance, wearing his awesome coat that he dons aboard the Sea Train. He’s even got a little Hattori the Pigeon figurine attached! Very nice figure, and one I think would sell even if no other members of CP9 are ever made.

Kaku I’m disappointed in, as I really wanted a Giraffe Kaku figure. The human form Kaku Figuarts Zero figure looks fine and all with his swords, but he still feels a little bland (probably because Kaku’s most memorable scenes are when he’s utilizing the deadly power of a giraffe!).

One Piece Figuarts Zero Kaku Figure Bandai Tamashii Nation 2014Finally, Kalifa. While the One Piece Figuarts Zero Kalifa figure isn’t perfect, it’s at least not in the slutty pose of the One Piece POP Kalifa released last year. Looking intelligent and dignified, the Kalifa Figuarts Zero figure is easily my favorite figure of the character that I’ve ever seen.

Kalifa Figuarts Zero One Piece Figure CP9 Bandai Tamashii Nation 2015Remember, there is basically zero guarantee that Bandai Japan will decide to manufacture any of these One Piece Figuarts Zero CP9 figures. The fact that they were shown at the 2014 Tamashii Nation event means that Bandai has at least some interest in the group, but whether or not it will lead anywhere is anybody’s guess. I’ll post an update if any official word on the Figuarts Zero Kaku, Rob Lucci and Kalifa figures ever comes out.

Are the CP9 a group that you’d like see Bandai give the full-blown One Piece Figuarts Zero treatment to, One Piece collectors? Or are there other villains (pre or post timeskip) that you’d rather see getting the plastic treatment?


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  1. SO MANY new figuarts zero figures coming up! I want them all, I’m all for these guys. Thanks again for always putting up these posts. I always enjoy them :)

    • Not yet, but then again, Bandai hasn’t slated much of anything for release lately besides 5th Anniversary Luffy and Chopper. Hopefully the 5th Anniversary figures will be a hit and Bandai Tamashii Nations will get excited about One Piece again.

  2. If any one of the prototypes featured here are released, I would bank on Lucci being the best choice.